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Whether you are looking for a class III dealer for transfers, to buy or sell NFA firearms, or a reputable Class II manufacturer you have come to the right place. All the dealers listed on our site are valid FFL/SOT holders and can help you with the purchase or sale of machineguns, silencers, and destructive devices. We also have free boards for buying or selling firearms and accessories. These boards are free thanks to our affiliated dealers. When you contact them please tell them where you found them: Class III Dealers.com. 

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We would like to welcome our newest affiliates listed below:

Todd Behringer of BTK Firearms in Hartland, Wisconsin
Robert Akers of Rapid-Fire Firearms in Rapid City, South Dakota
Matt Eisenbraun of Deep Creek Outfitters LLC in Wall, South Dakota
David Tom with Goingquiet.com in Melbourne, Florida
Ultimate Firearm Technologies in Sarasota, Florida
David Spiwak in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Scott Covey of SMC Firearms in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Brian DIck of BDL LTS in Edgefield, South Carolina
Mike Cotton of  MCT in Volga, South Dakota
Storrie Parachute Works in Denton, Texas
Randall Hanson in Newburgh, Indiana
Pat Jones of SAFlithgow.com in Rathdrum, Idaho
Thunder Beast Arms Corporation in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Miles Eggart of Aurora Tactical in Springdale, Arkansas

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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

The Gun Cellar      Class III Dealer
1777 Montgomery Highway, Suite 105
Birmingham, Alabama 35244
Shop: Toll Free 1-866-982-9777
Fax: 205-987-9777
Email: sales@guncellar.net
Website: www.guncellar.net
Class III dealer. Machineguns. Suppressors. Family owned since 1980. New & used guns. Fair prices. Friendly service.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

SALAZAR, Chris      Class III Dealer
Sporting Arts, LLC
P.O Box 22486
Juneau, Alaska 99802
Office: (907) 523-8178
Cell: (907) 723-3950
Fax: (907) 523-8178
Email: Sportingarts@gci.net
Class III dealer. We offer sporting, tactical and law enforcement firearms sales, transfers, and consignments.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

KNOPP, Clinton      Class III Dealer     
10808 W Ruth Avenue
Peoria, Arizona 85345
Office (623) 243-0480
Fax: (623) 215-4410
Email: Sales@Gunforall.com    
Website: www.gunforall.com
Class III dealer. Machineguns. Suppressors. Transfers. 40,000 different products.

LaMANNA, Curt      Class II Manufacturer
Capital Ordnance
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Office: (480) 945-0242
Cell: (480) 221-9979
Email: capitalordnance@yahoo.com
Class II manufacturer. We offer sales of machineguns, silencers, and other NFA firearms. Class III gunsmithing and law enforcement sales. Quality workmanship.

LASCO, Larry FFL/SOT      Class II Manufacturer
Mesa, Arizona
Email: LarryLasco@Firearmdeals.com
Website: www.Firearmdeals.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales including machineguns and suppressors.  Large inventory.

MERCHANT, Aaron      Class III Dealer
Merchant Firearms
15410 S Mountain Parkway
Suite 111
Phoenix, Arizona 85044
Office: (602) 526-6796
Fax: (480) 706-3740
Email: merchantfirearms@aol.com
Website: www.merchantfirearms.com
Class III dealer. Stocking machineguns, suppressors, SBS, SBR, and more. Transfers welcome.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

EGGART, Miles       Class II Manufacturer
Aurora Tactical, LLC
2270 Worth Lane
Suite A
Springdale, Arkansas 72764
Office: (479) 751-8136
Fax: (479) 751-8085
Email: miles@auroratactical.com
Website: www.auroratactical.com
Class II manufacturer. Night vision and thermal devices. Repairs on firearms including Class III firearms.

Hog's Breath Fine Guns LLC      Class III Dealer
8250 McNelly Road
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
Shop: (479) 273-3111
Fax: (479) 273-3112
Email: hogsbreathefineguns@gmail.com
Website: www.hogsbreathefineguns.com
Class III dealers. Machineguns. Suppressors. Transfers. Fine sporting guns.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

MAZURKIEWICS, Oliver      Class II Manufacturer
Iron Ridge Arms Company
1110 Delaware Avenue
Unit A
Longmont, Colorado 80501
Office: (303) 772-4365
Fax: (303) 772-6204
Email: tech@ironridgeguns.com
Website: www.ironridgeguns.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III sales. Machinegun and suppressor stocking dealer. AR10 component manufacturer.

WILDMAN, Kathy and Rick      Class III Dealer
Wildfire Mercantile
6225 McCandlish Road
Falcon, Colorado 80831
Office: (719) 683-2117
Fax: (719) 683-2117
Email: wildfire223@juno.com
Website: www.wildfire223.com
Class III dealer. Machineguns. Suppressors. Title 1 & 2 transfers.


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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

DiCATALDO, Paul      Class II Manufacturer
A.W. Trading and Investments, Inc
5524 64th Way North
St. Petersburg Florida 33709
Cell: (727) 481-7154
Fax: (727) 397-5882
Email: AWtrading1@yahoo.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III  gunsmithing and stocking NFA dealer. Call for current inventory.

HAUSLEIN, Tom      Class II Manufacturer
L&T Sales, Inc. 07/02 FFL
Holiday, Florida
Shop: (727) 849-7458
Cell: (727) 946-0989
Fax: (727) 849-7454
Email: Jmtautoinc@aol.com
Buying Class III items, parts kits, accessories, transfers, manufacturing, & repairs.

QUINNELL, Donald Lee     Class II Manufacturer
Don's Gun Shop
3112-3 Palm Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
Office: (239) 334-6779
Cell: (239) 334-6779
Email: DGSmfg@aol.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales. Quality repairs and refinishing.

THEDFORD, John Lee      Class III Dealer
NFAsales.com, Inc
PO Box 8662
Naples, Florida 34101
Office: (239) 513-2274
Toll free 1-866-NFA-1934
Cell: (239) 200-5600
Fax: (239) 514-4600
Email: John@NFAsales.com
Website: www.NFAsales.com
Class III dealer. Large inventory of machineguns and suppressors. . Fair prices-honest answers. Estate evaluation and purchases. MAC briefcases and AOW items wanted. GRAD knives wanted.

TOM, David      Class II Manufacturer
1101 West Hibiscus Boulevard
Suite 103A
Melbourne, Florida 32901
Office: (321) 917-0760
Email: sales@goingquiet.com
Website: www.goingquiet.com
Class II manufacturer offering NFA sales, trades, and consignments of machineguns, suppressors, short barrel rifles and shotguns. Title 1 and 2  transfers. Stocking Silencerco and Sig Sauer products. Estate appraisals.

Ultimate Firearm Technologies
PO Box 52982
Sarasota, Florida 34232-0325
Shop: (877) 552-4867
Email: ultimatefirearmtechnologies@gmail.com
Website: www.ultimatefirearmtechnologies.com
Class II manufacturer. Stocking machinegun and suppressor dealer. New M16 models, H&K firearms. Formerly Prestige Arms.

VASSILIADIS, Tiny      Class III Dealer
Coles Gun Shop
1901-03 Douglas Avenue
Clearwater, Florida 33755
Shop: (727) 447-0507
Cell: (727) 447-5450
Email: Sales@ColesGunShop.com
Website: www.ColesGunShop.com
Class III dealer. Full line gun store. Large selection of new and used weapons including machineguns and suppressors. Gunsmithing and class III weapons.

ZACHOWSKI, Edward      Class III Dealer
Osprey Armaments, LLC
619 Cattlemen Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34232
Shop: (941) 735-4667
Fax: (800) 516-5234
Email: ejzachowski@comcast.net
Website: www.ospreyarmaments.com
Class III Dealer offering machineguns, suppressors,  and collector firearms. Specializing in NIB, estate sales, firearm caliber conversions.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

Liberty Suppressors      Class II Manufacturer
Northwest Georgia
Cell: (423) 364-0489
Email: libertysales@tmo.blackberry.net
Website: www.libertycans.net
Class II manufacturer and Class III dealer offering suppressors, flash suppressors, custom work. Our new 22 Kodiak and Kodiak TL are setting new standards in 22 take apart cans. We also have a new 308 can known as the Freedom. Check out our website for more information.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

CARTER, Jon      Class III Dealer
Meridian, Idaho
Email: Jon@class3firearms.com
Class III dealer offering Title I firearms and machineguns and suppressors. Quality gunsmithing. Repairs, transfers, & brokerage.

JONES, Pat      Class II Manufacturer
Rathdrum, Idaho 83858
Shop: (208) 651-0521
Email: pat@saflithgow.com
Website: www.saflithgow.com
Class II manufacturer. Licensed importer. Transfers welcome. Title 1 and II repairs. FAL specialists.


Machineguns: NO
Suppressors: NO

FERGUSON, Arthur      Class III Dealer
Police Ordnance Supply St.Charles, Il. 60175
Phone: (630) 212-3953
Email: motocop@aol.com
Class III dealer offering transfers, appraisals and estates sold.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

HANSON, Randall      Class III Dealer
Tactical Mitigations LLC
4822 Bell Road
Newburgh, Indiana 47630
Shop: (812) 459-7786
Email: tactmit@hotmail.com
Class III dealer. Stocking dealer for Alliance Armament suppressors. Specialty weapons and feed devices. Transfers welcome.

McKOWN, Tony      Class II Manufacturer
Bobs Pawn/ SBD Mfg
507 N. Washington St.
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
Shop: (765) 459-0490
Email: tony@jewelrydeals.com
Class 2 manufacturing. Class III dealer offering machineguns, suppressors and transfers. Buying and selling NFA weapons and dewats.

21st Century Firearms      Class III Dealer
827 N Main Street
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
Office: (260) 824-5530
Email: 21stcf.jan@gmail.com
Website: www.21stcenturyfirearms.com
Class III dealer. Full line gun shop. Buy*sell*trade.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

EINSEL, Aaron      Class II Manufacturer
Aaron's Guns
17324 30th Avenue
Greensburg, Kansas 67054
Shop: (620) 723-3375
Email: mg4234@hotmail.com
Website: www.aaronsguns.net
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales including machineguns and suppressors. Gunsmithing services. Buy-sell-trade.

GILMORE, David      Class III Dealer
JDG Enterprise
9010 High Drive
Leawood, Kansas 66206
Shop: (913) 488-1459
Fax: (913) 381-1459
Email: dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
Class III dealer who buys, sells, and transfers NFA weapons. Serving Kansas firearms enthusiasts.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

FROMAN, Craig      Class III Dealer
M-F Firearms
1745 Hwy. 467
Worthville, Kentucky 40011
Cell: (502) 525-0235
Email: info@mffiirearms.com
Website: www.mffirearms.com
Class III dealer. Machineguns and suppressor sales, purchases, transfers, and repairs.

McNELEY, Cory      Class II Manufacturer
C & J Weapon Systems LLC
279 John Alford Road
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
Office: (877) 966-6447
Cell: (714) 235-7394
Fax: (270) 200-4289
Email: cory@cjmgs.com
Website: www.cjmgs.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales including machineguns and suppressor. Suppressor and EOD equipment.


Machineguns: YES with state permit
Suppressors: YES

RODRIGUEZ, Kevin      Class III Dealer
X-Treme Weapons
Brusly, Louisiana
Email: Kev4@cox.net
Class III dealer. Class III sales and transfers. Your "go to" guy in Louisiana!


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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: NO

SHEEHY, Thomas      Class III Dealer
The Gun Barn 2
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127
Cell: (313) 378-0698
Fax: (313) 262-1967
Email: tom@gunbarn2.com
Website: www.gunbarn2.com
Class III dealer. Full range of hunting, shooting and law enforcement weapons as well as accessories and law enforcement supplies. Your one stop for machineguns and suppressors in Michigan!

Tigon III Enterprises, Inc.      Class III Dealer
Serving Western & Central Michigan
Office: (616) 443-0034
Fax: (616) 874-1578
Email: tigon3@charter.net
Class III dealer. NRA instructor for CPL/CCW class.


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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

SMITH, Mike      Class II manufacturer
Smith's Speed Shop
Purvis, Mississippi 39475
Shop: (601) 794-2855
Cell: (601) 550-8888
Fax: (601) 794-4209
Email: lotzofguns@hughes.net
Web site: www.smithsspeedshop.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales of machineguns and suppressors. Stocking dealer. Large supply of Title 1 weapons.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

BENSON, Austin      Class III Dealer
Sons of Liberty Firearms LLC
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64505
Shop: (816) 292-2845
Cell: (816) 390-0885
Email: libertyson@gmail.com
Class III dealer offering sales and transfers of machineguns and suppressors.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

POLING, Kathy & Dale      Class II Manufacturer
Elite Iron
1345 Thunders Trail, Bldg. D
Bonner, Montana 59823
Shop: (406) 244-0234
Fax: (406) 244-0135
Email: kpoling@blackfoot.net
Website: www.eliteiron.net
Class II suppressor manufacturer. Class III stocking dealer.  We offer the finest in sound suppression.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

ANDROYNA, Robert      Class III Dealer
Exeter Arms
305 N. Missouri Ave
Exeter, Nebraska 68351
Shop: (402) 366-1596
Cell: (402) 366-2253 or 366-1596
Fax: (402) 266-2118
Email: rob@exeter-arms.com
Website: www.exeter-arms.com
Nebraska's largest Class III dealer. Large inventory. HK L/E dealer. Let us know your needs.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

Jaco Sales Co LLC      Class III Dealer
Reno, Nevada
Shop: (775) 284-0413
Cell: (775) 997 3383
Email: zig@aloha.net
Class III dealer. Suppressors, short barrels, AOWs, and class III transfers.

MacNIECE, Tom      Class III Dealer
Kymtec LLC
50 South Arrowhead Ln. STE B
Mesquite, NV 89027
Shop: (702) 346-6153
Cell: (970) 946-4509
Fax: (702) 346-6153
Email: form3@kymtec.com
Website: www.kymtec.com
Class III Dealer.  Machineguns, suppressors, short barrel rifles, and shotguns in stock.  Transfers welcome!

New Hampshire:

Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

GILLESPIE, Bob      Class III Dealer
Belmont Firearms And Range LLC
140 Laconia Road Route 106
Belmont, New Hamshire 03220
Office: (603) 524-8678
Fax: (603) 524-3356
Email: Bob@belmontfirearms.com
Website: www.belmontfirearms.com
Class III dealer. Transfers welcome. Belmont Firearms & Range is NH's premier FFL/SOT dealer of new
and used guns. We offer a clean climate controlled indoor shooting range offering a safe, family friendly
environment for your shooting enjoyment. All calibers are permitted. Open Tuesday through Sunday. Services
include gunsmithing, bore sighting, scope mounting, gun cleaning & repair.  Firearms training. Bring your own
firearm or choose from one of our rentals. We buy guns and welcome consignments.

New Mexico:

Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

DeGROAT, James      Class II Manufacturer
DeGroat Tactical Armaments, LLC.
P.O. Box 728
Grants, NM 87020
Phone: (505) 285-4342
Fax: (505) 285-4400 Email: Sales@ArmamentSales.com
Website: www.ArmamentSales.com
Class 2 Gun manufacturer specializing in the 7.62mm Minigun, suppressors, artillery and other Class III items. Will do Class 3 Transfers for individuals in New Mexico that are needing a dealer.

New York:

Machineguns: NO
Suppressors: NO

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North Carolina:

Machineguns: YES with county permit
Suppressors: YES with county permit

MURRAY, Rufus      Class III Dealer
Great Southern Arms
116 Ash Street
Swansboro, North Carolina 28584
Shop: (910) 326-7800
Cell: (910) 326-4117
Fax: (910) 326-7234
Email: thesavage@embarqmail.com
Machinegun Sales, NFA transfers, parts,


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

TASKA, Tom      Class III Dealer
KMP Classic Arms
556 Caldwell Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44905
Shop: (419) 524-4371
Fax: (419) 524-4790
Email: karma@neo.rr.com
Website: www.karmametalproducts.com
Class III dealer. Manufacturer of M2Hb parts and 1919 parts. Some specialty items.

WARNCKE, Trent      Class III Dealer
Inverse Technologies
726 East Main Street, Ste. F#161
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
Shop: (937)470-7466
Cell: (937)470-7466
Email: info@inverse-tech.com
Website: www.inverse-tech.com
Class III dealer buying and selling all NFA weapons and accessories. Design services for commercial and military.

WETZEL, John      Class III Dealer
Wetzel Arms
41 Skokiaan Drive
Franklin, Ohio 45005
Shop: (937) 231-5990
Cell: (937) 231-5990
Email: wetzelarms@zoomtown.com
Website: www.wetzelarms.com
Class III and Title 1 weapons.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

BATHURST, Doug      Class III Dealer
1301 South 13th Street
Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
Office (405) 880-2043
Fax (580) 363-1466
Email: Dougbathurst@yahoo.com
Website: www.titletwoinvestments.com
Class III dealer. Buying/selling machineguns. Suppressors. SBR & SBS manufacturing.

Benson Firearms      Class III Dealer
P.O. Box 721117
Oklahoma City, OK 73172
Office: (405) 373-3839
Fax: (866) 598-5556
Email: brandon@machiegunsplus.com
Website: www.machinegunsplus.com
Stocking machine gun and silencer dealer/manufacturer. Transfers welcome!


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

ROA, Carlos      Class III Dealer
West Coast Machineguns
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Shop: (503) 997-9939
Cell: (503) 997-9939
Fax: (541) 942-8920
Email: Carlos@westcoastmachineguns.com
Website: www.westcoastmachineguns.com
Class III dealer specializing in AK47&74s. Repairs & refinishing. Buying NFA items. L/E demos.

SCHEID, Dennis      Class III Dealer
NFA Investments
12388 NW Lilywood Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97229
Cell: (503) 348-3928
Email: 911tt@comcast.net
Website: www.investmentguns.com
Class III dealer. Class III sales of machineguns and suppressors. Quick reliable transfers.


Machineguns: YES. Area restrictions may apply.
Suppressors: YES. Area restrictions may apply.

COVEY, Scott Michael      Class II Manufacturer
SMC Firearms
115 Hemlock Lane
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815
Shop: (570) 764-2014
Cell: (570) 764-2014
Email: smcfirearms@hotmail.com
Website: www.smcfirearms.com
Class II manufacturer. Machinegun and suppressor stocking dealer. YHM products. Consignments welcome.

HOPEWELL, Lee      Class II Manufacturer
LH Arms
159 Penn Street
Northumberland, Pennsylvania 17857
Shop: (570) 473-1783
Cell: (570) 850-8178 or (570) 850-3194
Fax: (570) 300-1865
Email: lharms@ptd.net
Title 1 & 2 firearms and accessories. SBS, SBR, and AOW manufacturing. Barrel threading. Class III dealer transfers.

SPIWAK, David      Class III Dealer
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Office: (570) 441-5646
Email: spiwakd@aol.com
Website: www.davidspiwak.com
Class III dealer. Class III sales and transfers. Modern and classic machineguns. Open by appointment.

South Carolina:

Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

DICK, Brian      Class III Dealer
410 Meeting Street Road
Edgefield, South Carolina 29824
Shop: (803) 637-5784
Fax: (803) 637-5784
Email: Bdlltd@bellsouth.net
Website: www.Bdlltd.com
Class III sales, transfers, and repairs. Import and export services.

FLOYD, James and Patrick      Class II Manufacturer
Gordon Specialty Arms
#2A Custom Mill Court
Greenville, South Carolina 29609
Shop: (864) 242-5140
Fax: (864) 242-0838
Email: Gordonspcl@aol.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III dealer sales. Machineguns, suppressors, parkerizing and molycoat services, and law enforcement sales.

South Dakota:

AKERS, Robert      Class II Manufacturer
Rapid-Fire Firearms
1350 Neva Way
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
Email: sdnfa@wescomm.com
Website: www.rapidfirefirearrms.com
Class II manufacturer. Class III firearms for sale. Machinegun rentals.

OTTON, Mike      Class II Manufacturer
Volga, South Dakota 57071
Shop: (605) 690-1157
Class III transfers. Stocking dealer.

EISENBRAUN, Matt     Class II Manufacturer
Deep Creek Outfitters, LLC
19258 213th Street
Wall, South Dakota 57790
Shop: (605) 457-2532
Fax: (605) 457-2543
Email: deepcreekhunts@gmail.com
Website: www.fungunshoot.com
Class II manufacturer. Stocking dealer offering AAC, AWC, SWR, and Thompson machine suppressors.  Sales,
service, and repairs of Title 1 and NFA firearms. Gun range on premises.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

BLEVINS, John Paul      Class III Dealer
GunRunners USA
490 Shipley Ferry Road
Blountville, Tennessee 37617
Shop: (423) 323-AK47
Cell: (423) 306-2212
Fax: (423) 323-AK47
Email: gunrunner@chartern.net
Website: www.gunrunnersusa.com
Class III dealer. NFA transfers. Title 1 & 2 sales. The BEST machinegun collection on display in Eastern Tennessee.

LARKIN, Bill      Class III Dealer
BluBoy Relics, LLC
Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738
Shop: (865) 436-6382
Fax: (865) 436-6382
Email: info@bluboyrelics.com
Website: www.bluboyrelics.com
Class III dealer. Investment-quality machine guns. Suppressor sales. NFA transfers. Professional and discrete service on all NFA transactions.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

BURKHEAD, Mack      Class III Dealer
Renaissance Antiquarian, Inc.
2726 Bissonnet Street #240-137
Houston, Texas 77005
Shop: (713) 858.6747
Cell: (713) 858.6747
Email: mack@nfafirearms.com
Website: www.nfafirearms.com
Class III dealer. Buying/selling/trading pistols, rifles, shotguns, and NFA firearms. Title 1 & II transfers.

BURNS, James A.      Class III Dealer
Jim's Distributing And Sales
Groves, Texas 77619
Shop: (409) 962-2643
Class III dealer serving Southeast Texas. NFA sales, purchases, and transfers.

LOVE, C.O.      Class III Dealer
COL Jr's Tactical Arms Equipment
By appointment only
Houston, Texas 77019
Shop: (281) 782-5500
Email: cloveco@aol.com
Class III dealer offering transfers of all firearms including Class III firearms. By appointment only.

MAYNARD, Terry      Class III Dealer
Mid-City Shooters Supply
Southlake, Texas 76092
Shop: (817) 481-4947
Email: terrymaynardm60@yahoo.com
Class III dealer stocking many fine firearms. Transfers welcome.  Friendly knowledgeable service.

RODGERS, Jim      Class II Manufacturer
Longview Class III Arms
Shop: (903) 918-0140
Email: LongviewclassIIIarms@yahoo.com
Class II manufacturer. Stocking class III dealer.  L/E and military discounts, 60mm mortar tubes.

STORRIE, John      Class III Dealer
Storrie Parachute Works, Inc
209 East Hickory Street
Denton, Texas 76201
Shop: (940) 484-2222
Email: go_loud@verizon.net
Class III dealer stocking NFA firearms including machineguns and suppressors. Transfers welcome.


Silencerco      Class II Manufacturer
2440 South 3400 West
Suite B
West Valley City, Utah 84119
Email: Joshua@silencerco.com
Website: www.silencerco.com
Highest quality fastest takedown 22 suppressor on the market.


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: NO


Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

BROWN, John K.      Class III Dealer
Battlefield Sports LTD
4451 Brookfield Corporate Drive
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
Phone: (703) 263-7676
Fax: (703)
Email: callctr@erols.com
Class III dealer. Class III dealer sales of machineguns and suppressors. Friendly and knowledgeable service.

FATTAHI, Farrokh      Class III Dealer
Innovative Tactical Solutions
P.O. Box 3175
Fairfax, Virginia 22038
Orders: 1-888-322-GUNS
Phone: (703) 899-GUNS
Fax: (703) 288-0656
Email: its@InnovativeTactical.com
Website: www.innovativetactical.com
Class III Dealer. Licensed Exporter.

West Virginia:

PATRICK, Lou      Class II Manufacturer
Blackheart International, LLC
RR3 Box 115
Philippi, West Virginia 26416
Shop: (304) 457-1280
Fax: (304) 457-1281
Email: sales@bhigear.com
Website: www.bhigear.com
Class 2 manufacturer and class III dealer. Destructive device manufacturer. Transfers, custom gunsmithing, suppressors, AR-15 manufacturing, custom bolt action sniper rifle manufacturing.


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Machineguns: YES
Suppressors: YES

GOULD, Joseph      Class III Dealer
Subgun Ordnance
Racine Wisconsin
Shop: (262) 770-9894
Fax: (262) 635-8305
Email: subgun-ordnance@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.subgun-ordnance.com
Class III dealer. Reseller of Mag Lula Loaders. Always buying machine guns.

REIS-GREEN, Austin      Class II Manufacturer
Griffin Armament
A division of Hearing Protection LLC
PO Box 116
Wales, Wisconsin 53183
Office: (262) 613-8984
Email: austin@griffinarmament.com
Website: www.griffinarmament.com
Manufacturing the highest quality suppressors. Our manufacturer direct silencer pricing will save you money. 


Thunder Beast Arms Corporation       Class II Manufacturer
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Office: (307) 287-2052
Fax:: (888) 447-2770
Email: thunderbeastarms@gmail.com
Website: www.thunderbeastarms.com
Class II manufacturers of high quality suppressors for tactical, competition, and sporting use.